Lifting Weights


The Smart Fit uses exercise as medicine with strength and conditioning to improve quality of life. 
Personal training offers the fastest way to reach your fitness goals in the least amount of time making it perfect for the busiest people like professionals, parents, and students. Express personal training is exactly what it sounds like, personal training, but shorter, more intense, and just as effective. Pre- and Postnatal Coaching prepares women to be physically strong throughout pregnancy by adapting the program at every stage to ensure a healthy mother and child. Tactical strength and conditioning is designed for policemen, firemen, first responders and military to improve their overall health, decrease risks to injury, and develop specific fitness skills related to their job. Athletic strength and conditioning makes all athletes better at their sport by developing their specific physical skills like speed, power, and agility. Nutritional consultations are a detailed look into your current dietary habits and recommendations based on your goals. 
The Smart Fit is a detailed process of evaluation and analysis for each individual to provide a unique program with their goals in mind. We strive to exceed expectations, looking beyond the client’s scope and providing insight into other health factors. Our purpose is to empower each person through an exchange of knowledge, communication and leadership. 

Fitness Moves in the Gym


My experience and involvement in sports has provided me with many skills related to discipline, accountability, teamwork and grit. I enjoy the ability to help others become stronger and more conditioned to meet the physical demands of their sport, profession or day-to-day tasks. Exercise is medicine and I work with medical teams to improve the overall wellbeing of my clients. My sincere desire to help others, passion for exercise physiology, and attention to detail make me unique.